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  1. BW Professional Cutter Expert classical.cofymvoodookinosthordiri.infoinfo 跳到主文. 碧威為專業的刀具,銑刀,鎢鋼,切削刀具製造商,致力於製造優秀的產品,在客製化刀具方面的經驗十分豐富,並擅於幫助客戶解決各式各樣之刀具切削面臨之問題,對各種材質之刀具和切削刀具都非常瞭解透徹。.
  2. IE 專業英語 IE 專業詞匯 Facilities Design and Planning 设施规划与 设计 Material Flow System Analysis 物流系统分 析 Production Planning and Control 生产计划 与控制 Human Engineering 人因工程(工效学) Cost Control 成本控制 Value Engineering 价值工程 Work Assessment 工作评价与考核 Engineering Economics Analysis 工程经济 分析 Machine Read:
  3. Kodi Archive and Support File Community Software Vintage Software APK MS-DOS CD-ROM Software CD-ROM Software Library. Console Living Room. Full text of "Japanese-English dictionary by the late Prof. Dr. J. J. Hoffmann" See other formats.
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  5. 汉语 单面间隙 单曲轴压力机 2次加热锻造模 2道工序成形的设计图 分支横流道 2次冲压的过失损坏 二板式注射模 二板式注射模 双曲轴压力机 三维图像模拟 3r系统 三维造型机 三座标测量仪 3轨迹 三板式注射模 三板式注射模 三板结构 4曲轴压力机 4氟化乙烯 平均.
  6. Taraxacum rubber==〉蒲公英橡胶 tare effect=〉支架效应 tare weight==>包装重量,皮重=>夕一儿 target≡〉马铃薯早疫病,对象,靶,标板,觇标,控制数字,目标,目的,指标=>目安,夕一以卜,動作表示器 target(allowable) leak rate==〉指标泄漏率 target a niche market===千市場.
  7. Synthetic agents for thread 工業用嫩肉劑 Meat tenderizer for industrial purposes Chemicals for smoking meat 酒純清劑 Wine Finings Protein for the food industry 測試劑(醫療用及獸醫用除外) Waterproofing agents for cement additives Speed-caking agents for cement Dispersing agents for cement Blowing agents Blowing agents.
  8. file 銼,檔案 file brush 銼刷 file cards file carrier 銼刀柄 file cleaner 清銼具 file cutting machine 銼刀鏟齒機 file dust 銼屑 file finishing 銼光 file handle 銼刀把 file hardening 銼刀硬化 file hardness test 耐銼硬度試驗 file holder file steel 銼刀鋼 file stroke 銼程 file tester 銼刀試驗機 file .
  9. Our main products include solid carbide / HSS end mills, micro electronic drill, IC card cutter, engraving cutter, shell end mills, cutting saw, reamer, thread reamer, leading drill, involute gear cutter for spur wheel, rack and worm milling cutter, thread milling cutter, form cutters for spline shaft/roller chain sprocket, and special tool.

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