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  1. “The Turn of the Tide” was a life-changing book for me with many lessons I want to start applying in my life from now on. It is simultaneously written through the perspectives of two different characters, Bridget, nicknamed Jet by her family and friends, and Kai. Jet has the determination and fierceness I so long to embrace in my own life/5.
  2. If it didn’t quite go to plan, let’s change the tide! The stories in this newspaper are proof that it is never too late to reverse the trend of bad events in a person’s life. Irrespective of age, gender, culture, or one’s past, anyone can change; you can turn the tide any time you want, and it can begin right now.
  3. "Turn the Tide" is a song written by Regi Penxten and recorded Belgian vocal trance and europop group Sylver. The song was produced in Belgium from Little Major Productions. In Belgium, the song was released under the name Liquid feat. classical.cofymvoodookinosthordiri.infoinfo: Trance.
  4. When our Turn the Tide families heard Michelle & Richard were getting married, they wanted to send a special celebration 'message' of their own to them! The video says it all - they are so special. Enjoy and be blessed watching. Congratulations again to Mr & Mrs Jones!!!Followers:
  5. Mehul P. Dixit1, Rebecca Kirschner1, Stella Bulimbasic2, Naznin M. Dixit1 and Alexis Harris Rescue of renal function in a 3-year-old girl with Goodpasture’s syndrome with a brief review of literature NDT Plus () doi: /ndtplus/sfq First published online: July 27,
  6. Turn the Tide – Amplifying Social Entrepreneurship Through Youth Volunteering, on the other hand, looks at developing the skills of youth to create employment opportunities for themselves and others while addressing pressing social issues through an entrepreneurial lens.

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