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  1. Blog. 13 December Impeachment lesson plan: Up close to the impeachment; 3 December The Prezi Awards are here: Show us what you’ve got!
  2. During the Cold War, armies never fought each other in direct combat but instead engaged in a variety of espionage techniques, which have paved the way for modern day tactics. The spies of the Cold War have captured our attention today, as well as during the Cold War, and have become an ample source for countless films and TV series.
  3. The CIA’s Most Highly-Trained Spies Weren’t Even Human As a former trainer reveals, the U.S. government deployed nonhuman operatives—ravens, pigeons, even cats—to spy on cold war Author: Tom Vanderbilt.
  4. After the end of World War Two the World was split into two, The Cold War was a state of tension, conflict, and competition between the United States and the Soviet Union in which each tried to gain an advantage over the other, espionage was the primary tool for achieving this advantage.
  5. Feb 25,  · These cufflinks, made in the mids, had small recessions in them in order to hide microfilm. Any man who wore a suit was bound to have cufflinks, so this was an easy way to hide the film. Button compass Via classical.cofymvoodookinosthordiri.infoinfo; It’s safe to say a majority of spies were alone in foreign countries during the time of the Cold War.
  6. MI6 was the British military intelligence during the Cold War. It was created prior to World War II, so was ready to spy on the Soviets at the onset of the Cold War. The MI6 got off to a shaky start in the Cold War, since its director of Counter-Espionage, Harold Russell, was a Soviet informant. Another high-profile informant was George Blake.

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