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  1. THE 'ROSWELL FOOTAGE' RELEASE. About a year and a half ago, on 5th May , the London-based film producer Ray Santilli for the first time presented his alleged alien autopsy footage to an audience of invited media representatives and UFO researchers at the London Museum.
  2. The UFO Files: Roswell The Alien Autopsy Video. dead or alive – had been recovered from the crash site, so the story ran. that the Alien Autopsy footage was a hoax. In an episode of the Sky Television documentary series, Eamonn Investigates, Santilli admitted that the supposed autopsy lab was actually a cheap London flat.
  3. ROSWELL AUTOPSY FINDINGS ROSWELL AUTOPSY REPORT Alien autopsy, Roswell, New Mexico, 17 July Alien autopsy, Roswell, New Mexico, 17 July - This is actually a color foto of a Hollywood prop! ROSWELL AUTOPSY REPORT 17 JULY INITIAL FINDINGS UPON EXAMINATION AND AUTOPSY OF THE BODY OF AN APPARENT ALIEN CREATURE Author .
  4. Do you want to know the best bit? A military salute is three fingers with the little finger and thumb held down. So if you have six fingers, you hold out four, and hold down the thumb and the little finger.
  5. Sep 30,  · Excess water was found in the lungs and brain of two American sisters found unresponsive in their hotel room last week, the Seychelles' police said Friday. Robin Marie Korkki, 42, died from “acute pulmonary edema” and Anne Marie Korkki, 37, died of “acute pulmonary and cerebral edema,” according to the results of post-mortem examinations.
  6. An autopsy has been ordered to confirm the death of a year-old man. The deceased has been identified as Harvey Humphrey of Branch Road, San Pedro Village. He is believed to have drowned.
  7. Jan 10,  · Mary Jo Kopechne, Rest In Peace. **** UPDATE: One thing I forgot to mention–and a Palm Beach reader reminded me of it–is that part of Ted Kennedy’s legacy is waking up his nephew, William Kennedy Smith, after he went to bed for the night, so the two could go carousing at the chic Club Au-Bar (now closed).
  8. Oct 17,  · CHICAGO — A year-old Chicago boy found dead in a burning dumpster was alive when the fire was started, officials determined. Demetrius Griffin, Jr. died of “thermal injuries due to.

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